Welcome To Linc Fittings

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Highest Quality, Highest Service, Competative Pricing

Linc Fittings is a small company ready for the market. We have developed new technologies in-house that has revolutionized our production methods. This has allowed us to manufacture the highest quality products for our clients. This new technology coupled with a highly experienced team of management, gives us the competitive edge in today's market.

We at Linc Fittings believe in creating a lasting relationship with our clients. We are firmly rooted in providing personal attention to our clients and developing closer relationships with clients. This allows trust to be built up, not only in the quality products supplied, but in the company as a whole. These long lasting relationships are built with high ethics and morals, coupled with understanding. Thus we believe in the fact that the Pipe Fittings manufactured must be a joint venture with our clients as they are more aware of the problems experienced with the items and the operations of the manufactured equipment. Thus providing our clients with what they want and require and not what we think they want and require. This is accomplished by having flexible design and production facilities, which are easily adapted to meet specific requirements. The above holds true to our approach with regards to fittings manufactured and due to the fact that we have a fully equipped machine shop to provide a high standard of manufactured fittings. Thus we hold true to our mission statement, which is based on the Total Quality Procedures and Principles. This involves our company being dedicated to providing our clients with top quality products and services at the most competitive prices.